Symbol LGIL (Lumbini General Insurance Co. Ltd.)
Fiscal Year 076-077
Announcement Detail Lumbini General Insurance Company Limited has proclaimed its 16th AGM going to be held on Jestha 28, 2078 and has published its financial statement from the fiscal year 2076/77
Announcement Date 2021/05/21 AD (2078/02/07 BS)
Tags AGM    Financial Statement    Cash Dividend    Bonus Share    Book closure   
Agenda Financial Highlights of FY2076/77, Cash Dividend, Appointment of Auditors for the FY2077/78, Bonus Share, Amendment on Articles, Book Closure and Others.
Bookclose Date 2021/05/28 AD (2078/02/14 BS)
% Cash Dividend 5
% Bonus Share 5
Right Share Ratio
Date 2021/06/11 AD (2078/02/28 BS)
Venue Central Office, Gyaneshwor Via Virtual
Time 04:00 PM