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Rs.500 for 6 Months

  • Merolagani Portfolio is an online utility where you can create your own watchlist for the stocks that you are interested in. Watchlists let you track the stocks even if they are not in your portfolio. Furthermore, you can set up alerts for every price change in the stocks in your watchlists and get SMS alerts and email notifications. Single account can manage multiple portfolios. Here one has to enter the details of stocks and Portfolio Tracker will show what the entire portfolio is worth at the current with most recent LIVE data. It also keeps a history of the transactions and give you a periodic profit and loss summary as well.
  • Price : Rs. 1,000 for 12 months


FAQs of Portfolio

1) What is Merolagani Portfolio Service?

Merolagani Portfolio is an online software where you can manage your stock holdings. You can make entries of all your buy/sell transactions and view your portfolio in your realtime. Single account can manage multiple portfolios. It also keeps a history of the transactions and give you a periodic profit and loss summary as well.

2) How can I access Merolagani Portfolio Service?

You can access Merolagani Portfolio by visiting https://portfolio.merolagani.com/MyPortfolio.aspx or by downloading Merolagani app from Google Play store and Apple App Store.

3) How can I start to use the service, get the information on Nepal’s stock market and listed companies? 

You can subscribe to the service using SMS (format below), USSD (By dialing *31088# for ncell users) and by directly purchasing from the merolagani app. The merolagani app is available in google play store and apple app store.

4) What information can I get from merolagani Portfolio?                                  

Merolagani portfolio helps you keep track of your stock market holdings. You can readily view your shares, their market value and profit and loss incurred. It also helps you keep record of past profit and losses.

5) How much do I pay for subscribing to merolagani Portfolio?

You can subscribe to different subscription plans for Merolagani Portfolio as mentioned in the table below:

Charging Model Price Inclusive of Taxes (Rs.)
Portfolio 6 Months 3 Days Instalment @10 600
Portfolio 1 Year 3 Days Instalment @9 1080

Note: This Fee is applicable for NCELL users only
6) Is multiple subscription of different plan allowed?

Multiple subscription of different plan is not allowed.

7) How can I Subscribe/Unsubscribe from the service?

The following channels and process is used for activation and deactivation of the service.

 For Ncell Users

  • Call *31088# and follow the instruction for activation of services.
  • From SMS use the following keywords
    Service Name Activation Keyword Deactivation Short Code
    Portfolio 6 Months 3 Days Instalment pack ACT MRI6M3 DEACT MRI6M3 31105
    Portfolio 1 Year 3 Days Instalment Pack ACT MRI1Y3 DEACT MRI1Y3

    8) In which tariff plans will this service be applicable?

    The service will be applicable in all tariff plans of Ncell prepaid and postpaid numbers.

    9) What happens if I have low balance at the time of subscribing to the service?

    To subscribe to the service, you should have enough main balance on your account.

    10) How can I check my merolagani Portfolio status?

    You can check your validity in the merolagani app and also from SMS. You need to send SMS with text SUB to 31088. You will get info via SMS with the time of active SMS alerts service.